We are a manufacturer and supplier of a gamut of high range

PTFE Bellows, PTFE Bellow seals, and PTFE Bellow Faces

. These products are manufactured using high-
quality raw materials, which are sourced from renowned vendors of the market. Our range of PTFE bellows and faces are reckoned for their flawlessness and for standing tall  
on the expectations of our clients. These products are used for the purpose of ensuring fine flow of pipeline from primary glass equipment. Our range of products are  
mentioned below:
PTFE Bellow & Faces


Manufacturer of PTFE Bellows Seals & Faces
Our UT-TB  is an non-replaceable

PTFE seal face

with good
• Item code : UT-TB
• Material : PTFE
• Size : 14 mm to 2.500"


Manufacturer of PTFE Bellows & Faces
Our UT-TBR  is a replaceable PTFE

seal face

with high performance.
• Item code : UT-TBR
• Material : Silicon & Carbon
• Size : 0.75" to 2.500"


Manufacturer of PTFE Bellows & Faces
UT-TBS : In these design Spring are
Isolated from Pumping Media to
Enhance the Seal Life
• Item code : UT-TBS
• Size : 0.550" to 2.500"

Seal Flange

Manufacturer of PTFE Bellows & Faces
SEAL FLANGE in hylam / bakelite
used in highly acidic application
• Item code : Seal Flange
• Size : Standard

T-Type Ceramic

Manufacturer of PTFE Bellow seals
coefficient thermal expansion but
used in various acidic application
• Item code : T-Type Ceramic
• Material : Ceramic
• Size : 3/4 to 2.500

Ceramic Sleeve

Manufacturer of PTFE Bellows & Faces


is replaced to the
exotic material like Hastalloy-C,
Alloy-20 & save the costing
• Item code : Ceramic Sleeve
• Material : Ceramic
• Size : Custom
Manufacturer of PTFE Bellows & Faces
XYLAN 1070 COATING from white
ford is a PTFE coating, also called
fluoropolymer coating it provides
excellent corrision protection.
• Temp : Up to 260c

Halar Coating

Manufacturer of PTFE Bellows & Faces
HALAR ECTFE is a melt
processable fluoropolymer
manufactured by Solvay Solexix
Halar coatings provide outstanding
chemical resistance.

Xylan 1070 Coating

• Temp : Up to 150c
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